Symphonic events and technology incubator exploring the digital and analog world.


We started in a car pool from Berlin to Vienna and as most post rave exodus stories began, we wanted to do something radically new to keep the bass and the volume and the trance, but get a little less chaotic, hedonist and chauvinist. For almost two years we operated as an NGO to experiment and define our processes revolutionizing the creative process of musical collaboration. Eventually we went even one step further: Our system of management and thought was now aiming to turn ideas into products. Those incubated spin-offs are designed to help the collective grow, retain authorship and revenue in order to do the wet dream of every creative: economic freedom and independence from fundings, investors, and institutions.

This is just the begining of our journey which we want to last for at least ten full years. We'd love to see how we can transport our colorful history and inspiring past into the next centuries.

Stricly following technocratic design processes, there is no conductor, no composer, only a holocratic process, circles and roles that fluidly self determine their contribution to the Gesamtkunstwerk.


Jürgen Igor Bolgert

CEO / Founder

Mandy Mozart


Eva Perner

Project Coordinator


Cyclorama XR Studio

Spittelauer Laende 12/2 / Park & Ride
1090 Wien